Project Description

About the Company

As a globally recognized provider of meeting and group data, this company offers extensive insight into market analytics, group industry trends, and powerful benchmarking by way of innovative and creative products for the hospitality industry that help increase group revenue performance.


  • To identify and defragment groups using Fuzzy pattern and fuzzy lookup and merge them into unique group.
  • Consolidation of two hospitality industry systems (resulting from a merger) using different business intelligence and analytical tools.


A Business Intelligence Solution was developed using Fuzzy searching and identifying proper information into easy to use single platform. Some of the key features of the solutions:

  • Fuzzy Pattern used for identify information
  • Handling huge amount data


  • Cleaned up data resulted in more accurate statistics.
  • Merging of data resulted in just one system for end customers and in-house teams to manage.
  • Automating group consolidations resulted in less errors and manageable, predictable data sets.