Project Description

About the Company

It delivers best-in-class International Wholesale, Enterprise and Retail solutions to any communication service provider worldwide with help of comprehensive, flexible and innovative suite of solutions designed for global telecom industry.


The telecom company had challenges in monitoring operation closely 24×7. Operation team had to always be on their toes to quickly turn around in case of any call disconnect, not meeting SLA, minimizing loses. To add to their woes,e xisting reports was not very helpful in finding root cause of issue.


The objective of the activity is to create Solution which helps in the monitor the activities like ASR, ACD, Revenue, Margin Etc. which were key performance indicators for GTS business. We analyzed the customer requirement to develop a complete and comprehensive BI solution to address their challenges. Below are some quick highlights of our solution:

  • Create the ETL for importing the master and CDR data from the production server to ODS database.
  • Create the ETL for Import the data from ODS to mart database.
  • Create SSAS Cube salutation on the mart database
  • Create the dashboard using the Cube data.


The delivered BI solution provides the near real time data for analysis and operation dashboard updates every half an hour to provide the taking corrective measures. As soon as there is non-conformance of SLA (ASR below benchmark or Call duration below benchmark), Power BI dashboard highlights such problematic data and provide the drill down analysis for investigation, operation teams were quickly able to find out root cause and fix the problem.